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Spades Card Games

Spades card games are one of the most popular games on the internet all over the world. It is the highest ranking card in a pack of cards. It is basically a partnership game. The object of this game is to bid a contract for you and your partner, then skillfully play your cards in coordination with each other to make the contract.

1) It is basically a four player game and is played in partnerships.
Spades requires a pack of 52 cards and can also be played with jokers.

How to play

1) The trump suit is always Spades. The highest card in the trump suit always wins the trick. If no trump cards are played, the trick goes to the highest card of the suit led. The person who leads off a round determines the suit led. For example, if a player leads off a round by playing a 10 of Hearts, then Hearts is the suit led.
2) The player to the right of the dealer always leads first. Play proceeds clockwise. Each player in turn must follow suit. If a player holds no cards of the suit led, that player may play any card. 4) Players who lead may play any card they want, with one exception: No player may lead with a Spade until Spades have been broken.
3) The play continues until all 13 tricks have been played.


The players get 10 points for each trick bid. Additionally they get extra points for every overtrick.

You can ask a player to note down the points so that everything goes in order. This will help any confusion between the players. This also helps the players to have a check on everyones total scoring.


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card games galore

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