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Solitaire Card Games

Here is a chance to play different types of solitaire card games. Our site offers most incredible solitaire card games with animated graphics and some good music. You can play a traditional online solitaire card game by yourself.

Solitaire is a single player card game, which requires skill and intelligence. The object of Solitaire is to use all the cards in the deck to build up the four suit stacks in ascending order, beginning with the aces.

Different types of Solitaire Card Games.
1) Aces Up: Aces up is a type of solitaire game. It is a bit difficult game and is not won easily.

How to play
Start your game by dealing four cards in tableau. Then the player has to search for two or more cards with the same suit. Discard all lower cards by clicking on it except the highest one. Remember that aces are the higher cards in the game. Hence only aces should remain and all the other cards have to be discarded.

If you would like to deal the next four cards, click on the pack at the bottom right. Note that you can only move a card if there is a empty space on the board. The game is won when all the cards are discarded and only the aces remain till the end.

2) Free cell Solitaire: This is one of the most popular solitaire games. The object of FreeCell is to move all the cards to the home cells, using the free cells as placeholders.

How to play
a) Shuffle the cards and deal them in 8 different columns, with each card visible and only the end card of each column exposed.
b) When moving cards to columns, cards must be moved in order from highest (king) to lowest (ace), alternating suit colors.
c) When moving cards to home cells, cards must be moved in order from lowest (ace) to highest (king), same suit.
d) A card from the bottom of a column can move to a free cell, the bottom of another column, or a home cell.
e) A card from a free cell can move to the bottom of a column, or to a home cell.

The game is won when four stacks of cards are stacked in order of rank from the lowest ace to the highest king.

3) Calculation card games: Calculation is a type of solitaire card game. This game requires a lot of skills on the part of the player. The goal of calculation is to move all the cards and form four foundation stacks at the top of the screen.

How to Play:
a) Start by forming a foundation of one ace, deuce, three and a four of any suit removed from a standard deck of cards.
b) The first stack advances by 1, the next stack by 2, the next stack by 3, and the last stack by 4. Click on top of the deck to deal a card.
c) If the card matches the highlighted value on one of the cue cards, below the four foundation stacks then it can be dragged there. Click on the card and hold down the mouse button while moving the mouse. Otherwise the card can be moved to one of the four tableau stacks below the foundation stacks.
d) Cards can later be moved from the tableau stack to a foundation stack if the card's value matches the cue card.


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