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Learn different ways to shuffle cards

Do you want to learn how to shuffle your cards? Just relax, you are at the right place to check it out. Our site offers different types and techniques of shuffling your cards. Shuffling cards is not very difficult. All that you have to know are some techniques and also some good practice.

Our site provides you with five different ways of shuffling your cards.
1) Overhand shuffle
2) Hindu Shuffle
3) Weave Shuffle
4) Riffle shuffle
5) Table Riffle shuffle

1) Overhand shuffle

Let's begin first with the techniques of Overhand shuffle. The Overhand shuffle is probably the best way of mixing your cards. It is very simple and easy as compared to a much complicated riffle shuffle or a table riffle shuffle.

a) Hold the pack of cards by the sides so that the pack is on its edge.
b) Rest your left-hand side fingers lightly on the back of the pack of cards. Keep your thumb on the top.
c) The right hand grips the pack of cards and lifts of as the thumb holds a few cards back.
d) Now the thumb moves out of the way as the right hand comes back down.
e) The thumb takes a few more cards as the right hand again moves up.
f) Repeat the similar action couple of times. Your cards are finally shuffled.

2) Hindu Shuffle

Hindu shuffle is very popular in the Asian countries. Its probably the best and the easiest way to shuffle your cards.

a) Hold the cards with your thumb and the middle finger. You can also use your index finger on the top for more support.
b) The left hand comes under the deck. The thumb in the center and the ringer finger touches the side of the deck.
c) The right hand slowly takes some cards from the top of the deck. The removed cards slowly fall on to the palm of the left hand.
d) Once again the right hand goes beneath and takes some more cards from the deck
e) Repeat this action as long as only few cards remain.

3) Weave Shuffle

This is a very easy way of shuffling your cards.

a) Divide your pack of cards into two separate groups.
b) Properly align both the groups of cards and weave the cards together by the edges.
c) Slowly push the cards and bend them with your palm of your right hand and release the pressure.
d) Square the cards up and start playing.

4) Riffle shuffle

This is a bit difficult way of shuffling your cards. A little bit of practice will see you perform this shuffle very smoothly.

a) Divide the pack of cards into two equal groups.
b) Firmly grip both the groups in your hand and align them properly.
c) Keep your hands over the upper side of the cards, as this will give a good grip to the deck.
d) The thumbs should move slowly to the edge of the cards and riffle the cards together.
e) You can use a table to riffle your cards.
f) Once you riffle the cards, you can simply bend the cards with your thumb on the top.
g) Just release the pressure from your thumb for the cards to cascade.

5) Table Riffle shuffle

You will mostly find this type of shuffle in a club or a casino. This is a professional way of shuffling cards. This type of shuffle is very effective and does not give any chance for the other players to glimpse at the bottom card.

a) Divide the pack of cards into two equal groups
b) Place the cards on a table, hold the deck with your thumb and the remaining fingers at the corner of the front edge.
c) Lift the edges of each packet with your thumb. You can also use your index finger to apply some pressure.
d) The corner edges of both the packets should almost touch the table as the thumbs riffles up the edges together.
e) You can now push both the packets together and square them up.


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