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Card tricks

All of us want to learn magic and if it is free it becomes that very exciting. Here is your chance to learn some free card tricks.

Magic Card Jump - Magic Card Trick

Here is how you can fool your partner.
1) Get two identical cards before you start the trick.
2) Hide one of the two identical cards and place the other on the top of the deck.
3) Ask your partner to pick up the first card.
4) Divide cards into four packs and ask him to place it on the top. Keep in mind the pile, which has the card. Just pretend to shuffle the cards without moving the first card.
5) Ask your partner to select the 2 piles. If any of the pile has the selected card, keep aside the pile, which does not have the card. Similarly if both the piles do not have the selected card keep aside both of them.
6) One of the two piles must have the selected card. Once again ask your partner to select the pile, discard the pile which does not have the selected card.
7) Give your partner the first card and shuffle the rest together. Ask your partner to place the card again in the deck. Tell your partner that the card is reversed in the deck. Now you can pull the card of the pocket and say "Sometimes it jumps too far."

Reversa Trick

1) Ask your partner to cut the cards into 2 different piles. Ask them to keep a pile for themselves and you take the other.
2) Ask your partner to select a card from his pile, note it and place the card on the top of their pile.
3) Now place your pile of cards on top of their pile. Now ask partner to hold the entire pack of card.
4) Ask him to take the bottom card and place it somewhere around the top of the pack. Ask him to take the top card and place it somewhere around the bottom And finally ask him to take the top card and reverse it, placing it somewhere around the center.
5) Now take the cards from his hand and show him the card at the left of the reversed card. This is the card he had selected at the beginning.


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