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Bridge Card Games

Bridge card games are one of the most popular games all over the world. Bridge can be played by a group of four to eight people. In a group of four people there is a partnership between two people. Likewise in a group of three there is partnership between three people and four in a group of eight people. You can play bridge with a pack of 52 cards.

How to play
A dealer is selected at the start of play. The dealer distributes the cards to all the other players starting with his left-hand opponent and ending with himself. The person who starts the lead can play any card in his hand. The other players must play the same suit as the lead if possible. If a player does not have a suit he can play any other card in his hand or he can use a trump card. If a trick contains no trump card, the highest card player of the same suit wins it. However, if a trick contains a trump card the highest trump player wins it. All the tricks won by a particular team needs to be piled properly in the side so that the number of tricks won by a particular team can be easily counted in the end. All the cards in each suit must be placed in order of rank and must be overlapped so that they are clearly visible. The team that wins the highest number of tricks are the winners of the game.

Techniques to play bridge are

  • Play a higher card so that no one beats your team.
  • Trumping an opponents higher card.
  • Play for the opponent's high card. ( If you are playing a King be sure that your opponent does not have an ace)

There are different types of Bridge games

1) 32-card bridge: 32 card bridge is the most popular card game played in France. It is termed as a great partnership card game, with trumps and bidding. This game requires many skills such as planning, memory and proper reasoning.

Program name: 32 Card Bridge
File: 1.6
License: Free ware
Runs on: Win 3x

2)Smart Bridge: Smart bridge is a bridge program for Windows. Smart bridge game is specially designed to play against the computer. With the help of smart bridge you can

  • Play using GIB engine
  • View different PBN Games
  • Convert LIN files to PBN


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